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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Clutch is in the house....and other pet woes.

Life may never be the same.

We are down to one naughty little kitten, who goes by the name of Clutch (like the auto part). The other two, Blizzard and Tigger, have abandoned us over the last few weeks. Moved on to greener pastures, I guess. I try to look appropriately broken hearted for Megan's benefit, but in truth am rather relieved. I really didn't want any cats at this time, let alone three.

Now that there is just Clutch, he has gotten rather attached to us and us to him. He's a rather small, grey tiger with a very pretty face. He and our poodle are great pals, wrestling and chasing each other all over the yard and deck. The problem with all this attachment and warm, fuzzy feelings is that it would be a real disaster if Clutch left us now. Being the only cat outside there was a pretty good chance that eventually he'd get tired of it and move on. Soooo........last night I gathered up my courage (Tim is NOT a cat person) and asked if we might consider bringing Clutch into the house. To my surprise, he said it would be fine.

This morning I stopped at the dollar store and bought all the things a kitty needs to feel at home....or at least to do his business in the proper way....and took the big leap. Scooby is thrilled to have his buddy in the house. They played hard for the last hour or so and now they are curled up together on the sofa snoozing. They're so cute! Now we just have to wait and see if Clutch knows what to do with the litter box. He kept going in there and playing in the litter, but he hasn't "used" it yet. I've never had to train a cat before. I hope it goes well or Tim may revoke his approval.

One pet hurdle down and one to go. Abby. The poor old thing was in horrible shape when we got her from the shelter last year (they lied to me about her condition). Back then she had a tumor in a mammary gland, dry eyes, a skin condition and needed surgery on both back knees. She still needs surgery (Tim wasn't going to approve $1000 surgery for the dog), the original tumor is still there and now she has a really large one in her armpit. She doesn't get around well and for the last week or so she's been peeing in the house. A lot. She never used to so I don't think she can help it. We're trying to get her out more often but with the kids back in school and me back to work..... I think it's getting to be time to let her go. Poor old thing. She's had a hard little doggie life.


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